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In 2015, wi-fi is Right up there with Air conditioning and dishwashers
when looking for amenities in a unit.*

Fill your units faster. Rent your units for more money. Build more loyal and longer staying tenants.
Great discounted pricing including upgrades that the tenants might be interested in.

With bulk communication services, property owners will benefit from the following:
InstantOn™ Services
Immediate, hassle-free activation of Internet and  DIRECTV for your residents
Ancillary Income
TV programming and Internet can easily top $100 for a
tenant when ordering on their own, while only costing the property less than $30 per month per unit.
Enhance Property Image
Attract tenants with state of the art communication services 

*  "Top Rental Property Amenities for 2015", written February 20, 2015  by Jennifer Maughan on property marketing in rentprep.com