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 Our Approach  

The principals of SONA Communications bring to the company over 50 years of combined experience in delivering TV and Internet to our valued customers. While working at separate companies they would talk about how combine their expertise and make a real difference of how media is delivered for their clients. (Think one guy with Peanut Butter and the other with Chocolate) After many years of building separate successful businesses they have decided to combine their talents and offer to their clients a different type of cable provider. The company is built around delivering a superior choice in programming, minimizing outages through industry leading technologies and investing in the customer centric people needed to provide a consierge level service for our clients.  We don't hide from our customers or "cringe" when one might call us as we're constantly looking to learn how we can deliver better products and services. We welcome the feedback and truly listen. We know that there are plenty of providers out there and we want to earn your business everyday.